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R6L Patroller



Lightweight Multi-Purpose Helmet

The R6L Patroller is a lightweight helmet which can be configured for a wide range of uses from Industrial to Wildland Firefighting. With it's military styling, the Patroller has been designed to accommodate tactical Picatinny Rails and VAS shroud for attaching extra equipment such as cameras, earmuffs, torch, night vision goggles, and face protection. It has a larger shell than the other R6 Series helmets, which also makes it a great choice for larger head sizes due to the increased internal space. The Patroller can also be configured like a standard Pacific Helmet with features such as external clip-on face shield.

The Patroller was awarded a Gold at the New Zealand Best Design Awards in 2016.

Please note: the R6L Patroller was previously called the R6R.

Recommended Uses

The R6L Patroller can be configured for the following uses:

Wildland Firefighting AS/NZS 1801:1997 Type 3, or EN 16471:2014
USAR, Paramedic, & Rescue NFPA 1951:2020, AS/NZS 1801:1997 Type 2, or EN 16473:2014
Industrial Safety AS/NZS 1801:1997 Type 1 & 2, EN 397:2012, OR ANSI Z89.1:2014 (COMPLIANT)

Features of the R6L Patroller

Some features may be either compulsory or unavailable depending on the standard selected. VAS Shroud and Rails incompatible with some other optional helmet features. Please ask your Pacific Helmets representative for more information on feature compatibilities.

R6L Patroller
R6L Patroller



The Patroller is compatible with lighting solutions such as the Underwater Kinetics eLED and Adaro Adalit L5 Torches. Some accessories may require selected helmet features.

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