About Pacific Helmets

In 2023, Pacific Helmets and Lakeland Industries forged a strategic partnership aimed at advancing safety standards across various industries. Leveraging their combined expertise and decades of experience.

The collaboration aimed to enhance the quality of protective gear for workers worldwide.

Pacific Helmets, renowned for its premium safety helmets designed for fire, technical and water rescue, recreational and industrial applications, brought to the table over 40 years of excellence in manufacturing top-tier protective headwear. With a commitment to exceed international safety standards and a focus on innovation, Pacific Helmets has established itself as a leader in helmet safety.

On the other hand, Lakeland Industries boasts a rich history spanning four decades, specializing in manufacturing protective clothing for various industrial sectors, including fire services, hazardous waste sites, and chemical handling. Originating from a passion project to meet the protective needs of contractors supporting NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, Lakeland has evolved into a global leader in worker safety, emphasizing trust, expertise, and superior performance.

The partnership between Pacific Helmets and Lakeland Industries symbolizes a union of excellence in protective gear manufacturing. By combining Pacific’s expertise in helmet engineering that exceeds international standards with Lakeland Industries’ proven track record in producing high-performance protective clothing, the collaboration aims to elevate safety standards across a wide range of industries. Together, our mission is to empower customers with the safest working environments, reflecting the shared passion for enhancing workplace safety.