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R6 Challenger



Lightweight Multi-Purpose Helmet

The R6 Challenger is the leader in Pacific’s flagship R6 rescue helmet series. As a truly multi-purpose helmet, the Challenger is fully certified to the widest range of rescue helmet standards of any helmet in the world; AS/NZS 1801:1997 Type 3, EN 16471:2014, EN 16473:2014, and NFPA 1951:2020.

Complementing its modern compact design, user comfort, and superior protection, the Challenger offers compatibility with a wide range of accessories and additional protective equipment. For face protection, the Challenger can accommodate either clip on or fixed external face shields (clear polycarbonate or mesh options), internal eye protection, and goggle straps or clips to support a range of safety goggles. Additional compatibilities include brackets to support earmuffs, an interchangeable range of neck protectors, multiple torch/lamp attachment options, picatinny rails, and boom microphone and speaker compatibility.

The Challenger provides the user with the highest level of rescue/wildland fire protection currently available in the world today. It is the multipurpose helmet of choice for many rescue and military services across the globe.

Please note: the R6 Challenger was previously called the R6C.

Recommended Uses

The R6 Challenger can be configured for the following uses:

Wildland Firefighting AS/NZS 1801:1997 Type 3, or EN 16471:2014
USAR, Paramedic, & Rescue NFPA 1951:2020, AS/NZS 1801:1997 Type 2, or EN 16473:2014
Industrial Safety AS/NZS 1801:1997 Type 1 & 2, EN 397:2012, OR ANSI Z89.1:2014 (COMPLIANT)

Build Your R6

Click to configure your R6 Challenger helmet. 1

DuPont™ Kevlar® and Fibreglass Reinforced Composite Shell with a paint finish in your choice of colour. 2
Rescue Blue
Fire Royal Blue
Satin Black
Fluorescent Lime
Helmet Orange
Fluorescent Orange
Daisy Yellow
Pantone Yellow
Padre Purple
Signal Green
Swedish Green
Pantone Green
UN Blue
Army Green
Selected: Fluorescent Orange
High quality reflector sets made of 3M™ Materials. 3
White Zebra 10pce 3M™ 680
Red Zebra 10pce 3M™ 680
White Zebra 8pce 3M™ 680
Yellow Zebra 8pce 3M™ 680
Red Zebra 8pce 3M™ 680
Blue Zebra 8pce 3M™ 680
Black Zebra 8pce 3M™ 680
White Spear 2pce 3M™ 680
Yellow Spear 2pce 3M™ 680
Red Spear 2pce 3M™ 680
Short White Arch 2pce 3M™ 680
Short Yellow Arch 2pce 3M™ 680
Short Photolume Arch 2pce 3M™ Vinyl
Long Blue Arch 2pce 3M™ 680
Long Red Arch 2pce 3M™ 680
Long Yellow Arch 2pce 3M™ 680
White Side Stripe 2pce 3M™ 680
Selected: None
External Face Shield equipable with Easi On-Off Adapter Plates. Not compatible with side-rails.
Clear (Deployed)
Clear (Stowed)
Selected: None
Internal Eye Protector in a clear or tinted finish.
Smoke Tinted
Selected: Clear
Optional water release holes for marine environments.
Water Release Holes (3 Rear)
Selected: None
Accessory Mounts for torches and face shields.
Easi On-Off Shield Base
Easi On-Off Torch Base
Side Rail
Earmuff Bracket
Earmuff Bracket + Easi On-Off Shield Base
Selected: None
Flame Resistant Neck Protector in Nomex®, Proban® or FR Cotton. 3
Black Nomex®
Orange FR Cotton
Yellow FR Cotton
Selected: None
Optional Goggle Posts, Rubber Straps or Polyester Straps.
Rubber Straps (Front)
Rubber Straps (Rear)
Rubber Straps Combo
Bungy Straps (Front)
Polyester Straps (Rear)
Bungy and Polyester Straps Combo
ESS Goggle Posts
Selected: None
Optional Titan Boom Microphone available with all R6 Helmets.
Titan Boom Mic
Selected: None

1 Please note, some features may be either compulsory or unavailable depending on the standard selected.
2 Custom colours are available. Colours may appear different on screen. Enquire for an accurate colour swatch.
3 Customisable to your requirements.

Features of the R6 Challenger

Some features may be either compulsory or unavailable depending on the standard selected. Please ask your Pacific Helmets representative for more information on feature compatibilities.


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