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Traditional Style Structural Firefighting Helmet

The Pacific F3D MkII is a cornerstone model of the Pacific range. The F3D MkII is used around the world and has a proven track record of being an extremely safe, robust and long lasting helmet. Continuous improvements to both design and raw materials has meant that the F3D MkII easily exceeds the latest editions of AS/NZS4067:2012 & EN443:2008 while remaining one of the lightest and most comfortable structural firefighting helmets available in the world today.

The F3D MkII features a DuPont™ Kevlar® and fibreglass reinforced composite shell. Within this is a full cranium protective polyurethane inner liner that not only gives excellent impact and penetration protection, but also offers the deceleration impact and side impact protection that is unique to AS/NZS4067:2012 standard. This ensures that the wearer is truly protected from the widest range of hazards faced in the performance of their duties. Available with a 2 point chinstrap as standard or with a “4 point chinstrap in our newly available second generation liner system for even greater comfort. With an adjustable headband size (48cm-68cm with fitting kits), the F3D MkII achieves a secure, comfortable and safe fit for all head shapes and sizes. A wide range of custom neck protectors ensure exacting fit with any collar and hood combination. The liner and headband are designed to comfortably and securely fit over the cradle design of all SCBA masks.

Recommended Uses:

Structural Firefighting AS/NZS 4067:2012, or EN 443:2008

Build Your F3D MkII

Click to configure your F3D MkII helmet. 1

DuPont™ Kevlar® and Fibreglass Reinforced Composite Shell with a paint finish in your choice of colour. 2
Candy Apple Red
Fluorescent Orange
Helmet Orange
Daisy Yellow
Pantone Yellow
Canary Yellow
Fluorescent Lime
Signal Green
UK Green
Pantone Green
UN Blue
Rescue Blue
Fire Royal Blue
Padre Purple
Satin Black
Selected: Red
High quality reflector sets made of 3M™ Materials. 3
White 4pce 3M™ 680
Yellow 5pce 3M™ 680
Selected: None
Bolt-on External Face Shield only.
Clear (Deployed)
Clear (Stowed)
Selected: Clear (Deployed)
Accessory Mounts for torches.
Easi On-Off Torch Base
Selected: None
Flame Resistant Neck Protector in Nomex®. 3
Black Nomex®
Yellow Nomex®
Selected: None

1 Please note, some features may be either compulsory or unavailable depending on the standard selected.
2 Custom colours are available. Colours may appear different on screen. Enquire for an accurate colour swatch.
3 Customisable to your requirements.

Features of the F3D MkII

Some features may be compulsorary or unavailable depending on the standard selected. Please ask your Pacific Helmets representative for more information on feature compatibilities.



The F3D MkII is compatible with lighting solutions such as the Underwater Kinetics eLED and Adaro Adalit L5 Torches, and can be fitted with Titan Firecomms with helmet mounted boom microphone and speaker systems. Some accessories may require selected helmet features.

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