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R6v MkII Seeker



Lightweight Water Rescue & Recreation Helmet

The R6V MkII Seeker is a departure from the traditional configuration of rescue and bushfire helmets that Pacific make. The Seeker has a Fibretuff (fibreglass reinforced) composite shell with a single-piece form-moulded polyethylene (PE) liner. The Seeker continues the Pacific tradition of creating versatile helmets that also serve as a platform for multiple accessories, with features such as attachable ear covers, torch base, Pacific’s new rubber goggle straps, and the ability to attach a range of helmet mounted communication units.

The Seeker is a purpose-specific model of helmet designed for Water Rescue situations.

Recommended Uses

The R6V MkII Seeker can be configured for the following uses:

Water Rescue & Recreation EN 1385 & EN 443 S.C.

Features of the R6V MkII Seeker

Some features may be compulsorary depending on the standard selected. Please ask your Pacific Helmets representative for more information on feature compatibilities.

R6 Seeker
R6 Seeker
R6 Seeker