EN443:1997, EN443: 2008


This model is no longer available. Spare parts are still available.

Key Features:

  • Light weight Kevlar®/fiberglass reinforced composite shell.
  • UV-resistant hi-gloss paint finish.
  • Polyurethane impact liner for increased mechanical and thermal protection.
  • Headband with removable leather for cleaning and replacement.
  • Nape strap with ratchet size adjustment between 52-64cm for comfortable fit.
  • Nylon webbing cradle system for optimal comfort.
  • 2-point polyester chinstrap come with quick release buckle.
  • Internally retractable 2mm polycarbonate face shield with high light transmittanceand superb impact resistance against high-speed projectiles.
  • SCBA clips mount.

Premier model specification – Standard Plus

  • 2-point flame retardant Nomex chinstrap.
  • Leather crown comfort cap.
  • 3mm thick polycarbonate face shield.
  • Internally retractable eye protector
  • Certified to EN166:2001.

Premier Elite model specification – Premier Plus

  • 3-point flame retardant Nomex chinstrap.
  • Leather crown comfort cap.
  • 3mm thick mirror tinted polycarbonate face shield.


  • Neck protector – various design and material choices.
  • UKE 4AA Torch and Pacific Easi on/off base & clip.
  • Customized stripping/badges/decals.
  • Face shield “PACICARB” with anti-scratch/anti-fog, fire retardant properties.


  • Tested according to EN443:1997 and complies with the requirements of the PPE directive.
  • Face shield is certified to EN166:2001.


Additional Approval:

  • Suitable for very low temperature use (-30 deg C).
  • Resistance to chemicals.
  • Surface electrical insulation.