Pacific Helmets (NZ) Ltd is dedicated to an ongoing Research and Development program that seeks to improve method, material and safety of the helmets produced.

There are constant new product developments, but in addition, periodic updates to CE and other international Standards require products to be upgraded regularly. Information regarding these developments is issued in regular Technical Bulletins.

10% of Pacific New Zealand’s staff is involved full-time in R & D, new tooling or product updates. Matching customer requests to existing designs, frequently results in new models or new design features, and it is for this reason that Pacific claims to have the widest range of safety helmets products for emergency services. There are some 65 different shell shapes, over 2000 sub-component options.

Ongoing and extensive research is conducted into new technologies that will improve the safety of the wearer of Pacific Helmets (NZ) Ltd helmets’.

Pacific Helmets (NZ) Ltd has an ongoing commitment to improving the technology and efficiencies of production, ensuring that the helmets produced are of the highest quality and yet have the least environmental impact during production.

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